Dough pack 12 bottle caps lock

แป้งโดว์, แป้งปั้น

New product

Dough Bowl per 140g. Caps Lock

In a series of 12 to 12 jars paint it.
- Dough will last for approximately 1-2 months after launch (this depends on the shelf).

But if we come out to play live frequently rubbing it would extend it again.


For good health Should play dough When the dough gets dirty

- Or if when Dough or crumbly solid start to trickle down to slightly warm water. Dough will be soft back.

- Some children suspected Dough put into the mouth (However, it will lose immediately) because it has a national salt from salt.

how to play

- Divide the dough for the younger players in moderation. When resign Store in a tightly sealed container in the wind.

- Wash hands before - after play dough.

- Should share space for children to play the pad may come to play with the device choice like.

The color and smell of Dough.

1. Black  - cola flavor.

2. White  - Coconut

3. Purple - grape smell

4. Blue  -  Blue berry aromas.

5. Blue -  Jasmine

6. Red  - berry strawberry scent.

7. Pink - taking notes

8. Green - smell the cantaloupe.

9. Green - smell scented candles.

10. yellow - lemon

11. Orange - Orange

12. brown - plum aromas 


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