4 Way Snack Cup Set

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     This is a multi-purpose cup which can be used from 6 months of age onwards or the start of weaning. It comes with
a mug cup with 2 handles, non-spill silicone lid, a silicone lid for food storage, and a feeding spoon.
Function 1: weaning food for 1st baby meal (feeding spoon included and mug cup to store food)
Function 2: food storage (with a silicone lid that is air-tight)
Function 3: non-spill snack cup (with a non-spill silicone lid, preventing snack from falling out)
Function 4: self training mug cup (with 2 handles on each side, it is easier for baby to hold the cup and feed
Package Size : W170 * W180 * D100 (mm)
Capacity : 240 ml
Recommended age : 6+ Months


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